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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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road which is a short distance from the west hyattsville station. well, recently, as you can see how it gets up here when it's dark, already kind of shady but at night it's completely dark and someone tried to take advantage of that. he tried to attack a woman and police believe that this may not have been his only try. >> i had no idea that this was going on. >> reporter: word is spreading quickly about a predator after two attempted sexual assaults over the last few days. >> i'm very concerned about this. >> the first attack happened here in the 200 block in jamestown road it was dark around 10:00 p.m. the victim was walking from the west hyattsville metro station when the suspect jumped out of the woods. >> approached her. she got on the phone like she was calling her boyfriend. >> reporter: that victim fough off her attacker who ran back into the woods. then on july 23rd, another attack not far away on hamilton street. some things were different, but more were the same.
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>> jumped out of the woods. same description. about 5'8", 170 pounds and he approached her said, what's up? and he physically attacked her. >> reporter: again the would-be victim ran. >> i, myself, tried to pick up my fiancee whenever i can because she comes home late at night. >> i'm truly sorry this is happening. what else can you do? i see the police officers along the path. >> reporter: detectives are working this case and they're seeing stepped up patrol and less visible attention, as well. as always, the best defense is self-awareness making yourself an inconvenient victim. >> safety in numbers. so, we're definitely stressing that. and definitely stress figure you're leaving the metro or a friend's house. let someone know where you're going and carry your cell phone. >> reporter: now coming up at news 4 at 6:00, we'll hear more from the police on this and talk to someone whoive a ivlives in
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area for years and sadly some of those premonitions haveom true. . >> derrick, thank you. asking people to pray for a 13 yooerd boy whose parents were killed in that tornado yesterday. it hit along virginia's eastern shore to the northeast of the norfolk area. the governor toured the damage earlier today. a new jersey couple died when a tree fell on their tent. their 13-year-old son was also hit by that tree and another tent. he's in critical condition. dozens of others were hurt. mcauliffe says it's incredible no one else died. >> at 8:30 in the morning, i think luckily most people were up, but had they been asleep and more people in their tent and in their campers, i think what occurred here yesterday wou have been chors >> the governor says along with the camp site yesterday's storm also damaged hundreds of acres of farmland. new at 5:00 tonight, a young computer whiz is now the target of a federal probe. he attracted the attention after
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he boasted about being able to add money to prepaid gift cards. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey spoke with the man today and joins us with more from fairfax with more on this unusual case. julie? >> imagine buying a $25 gift card, then turning it into a $100 card without paying a single penny more. that is what he tells me he is able to do and that's what's drawn the attention of federal investigators. we found out about the investigation against h when we picked up this search warrant but he tells me what he is doing is not criminal, he calls it cybersecurity research. he was just 19 years old when he and his twin brother graduated from george mason university and were featured in the "washington post." a computer whiz, he says he founded a hacking club on campus, earned a master's degree by age 20 and as this thank you letter shows, even did cybersecurity research for the defense department. >> my mission is just to see
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where the loopholes are. >> reporter: but that mission has landed him in deep trouble. this search warrant filed by a federal agent shows he is now being investigated for computer fraud. he tells me he just landed a cybersecurity job with general dynamics, but he couldn't resist boasting to a colleague about a code he created that allowed him to take an ordinary $25 gift card and add value to it. >> i would buy a card and then have that card for a certain value and then have it reloaded online. bypass the whole financial process using bid squatting. starbucks $100, whole foods $300. and sears $500. >> reporter: his co-worker told a manager and homeland security came to ask questions. telling him at first he was being asked for a higher position. >> we are in your
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skill set. we want you for this higher level position. >> reporter: he was fired from his job, but had more meetings with federal agents until yesterday when they came to the door of his springfield home arm would a search warrant. >> had 11 agents rush in. >> reporter: this document shows the dozens of computers, phones and other electronic items taken. >> we're all worried and, you know, just waiting. >> reporter: and just to underscore, akhtar has not been charged with any crime. what he intended to do with that code he created. reporting live from fairfax county, i'm julie carey, news 4. a man nearly 4,000 miles away in the uk is facing cybercharges tonight accused of hacking into federal agency computers right here in our region. prosecutors tell us among the agencies, health and human services the sentencing commission and an fbi lab. they say he got more than 100,000 employee records that
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included names, social security numbers, salary data and even credit card numbers. the man faces up to ten years, if convicted in virginia. we're following some breaking news right now. a fire at st. john's college high school in northwest d.c. shomari stone just arrived. >> between georgia avenue and friendship heights and an active scene right here and you casee d.c. firefighters are right here and basically they put out the fire not too long ago and this thing started in the i.t. room which powers the high school's computers and for some reason it caught on fire. a lot of electrical equipment in it. it's on the second floor. it is confined to that closet and i know this area very well. this is where i graduated from high school. class of 1996. and these guys are out here right now monitoring the clauset to make sure it doesn't spark up because we're dealing with extreme heat. school is not in session. in fact, a st. john's official tells me that right now they're
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just concerned about the computers here at the high school. the good news there weren't any injuries and basically they're just going to have to get all of this fixed. live here at st. john's high on military road, i'm shomari stone, news 4. it's nearly time for the big debut. metro's new silver line will open tomorrow. it's expected to change the way people commute. riders are working to figure things out, but is metro really fully ready? news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss is in tyson's with what you should know before you hop aboard. hey, adam? >> think about this tomorrow afternoon about this time you're going to be able to get on a metro train and come to the shopping mall here in tysons corner. that seems amazing given what this project has gone through. hey, metro has put a big red bow like a christmas present on these stations. right now we're going to give you a breakdown about what you need to know to ride the silver line. the silver line.
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five new stations. four in tysons corner alone, the fifth in restin. but a lot more than that. it's an entire new line coming to the metro system. take a look at this map and you can see the silver line stretches across the entire region. it will run from largo town center in the east through d.c. all the way to restin in northern virginia. will it help your commute? well, it depends exactly where you're going, but certainly are plenty of riders looking forward to hopping onboard. >> i have been told it will make my commute about 30 minutes shorter. >> reporter: really? reanna kennedy works about two blocks from the new mclean station and she can take the metro and listen to what she had to do. >> i take the metro to west falls church and then the 3t bus to mclean. >> reporter: she says there are plenty of people with similar stories and when all is said and done 50,000 new trips per day will be added to the metro system. right now daily is about 750,000 trips a day after the silver
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line, metro expects ridership numbers to jump up to 800,000 trips per day. there will be growing pains, though. thomas an orange line rider used to take the orange line all the way to vienna, but now he knows he'll have to keep an eye on the train's color and route. >> if the orange line stops here but we ehave to wait for an orange line to go all the way, i might take a silver line here and catch the next orange line to vienna. >> that's something you never had to do before. >> not at all. >> reporter: back here now liv at the tysons corner station. i can't stress enough, very important for metro riders to keep an eye on the color of their train in the coming weeks. these stations open at 11:30 tomorrow morning. the first train leaves about noon, but what should you expect to find here in tysons if you're coming here? here's a hint, it's not going to be all gardens and monuments. we'll have more on that coming up next hour at 6:00. reporting live in tysons, adam tuss, news 4. >> all right.
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>> we'll see you soon, adam, thank you. coming up, we'll help you calculate the cost of taking the silver line and, of course, adam and nbc washington will keep you updated online. just search sylvil silver line information about route changes. we're tracking late developments in the conflict in the middle east. we're learning that israel plan to begin a brief cease-fire early saturday morning. the cease-fire will last for seven hours, according to a senior u.s. official traveling with secretary of state john kerry. the official says israeli prime minister benjamin netanu offering the cease-fire as a good-will gesture after his security cabinet rejected a seven-day cease-fire. secretary kerry is on his way to paris now to continue his efforts to reach some kind of a truce. nbc news is reporting that hamas militants are considering a seven-day lull in the hostilities. a mistrial in the case of the d.c. cop accused of trying to kill his wife during a home improvement dispute. find out why he's still not a
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free man tonight. plus, heroin overdoses are surging in maryland, but one reason why deaths are on the rise. now we know what the governor plans to do about it. is he a redskin or a rock star? ryan kerrigan's is d.c.'s most eligible bachelor. crazy good weather day. look at the temperatures, low 80s and even upper 70s in a few neighborhoods right now. but you don't want to go anywhere because it's back to summer this weekend and back to storms, some of which can be severe. i'll detail it coming up xt.
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we're live in richmond. day two of redskins training camp and what a difference. the weather is beautiful here today. yesterday lots of dropped balls out on the field and today that was not a problem. in fact, robert griffin iii the only thing he was dropping was his mouth piece. the redskins offense is slowly working towards finding ei groove a unit and as a team today and they looked sharp. now, the fans, guys, they're starting to show up in large numbers and there seems to be a favorite among the ladies and that's ryan kerrigan. the 25-year-old strapped on our go pro to give us an idea what
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it's like to be d.c.'s most eligible bachelor. >> he's adorable. he's funny. he has a sense of humor. >> there should be yelling and screaming. have you seen how he looks? he looks fantastic, right? >> i have, i have rita and my two daughters. that's about enough for me. you know, women are a wonderful creatures but all i can handle is about three of them. >> he's good-looking, he's fit, he's highly paid. what's not to like? >> he's my captain america vote. >> does that make you jealous? >> it does. because we have 330 pound of sexiness right here and no one loves me. no one is cheering about m pack. you see these quads. ladies don't seem to love that. i don't understand. >> you guys are such good friends. but you look so much different. >> he goes all american clean
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shaven and i go chic. >> really loud roar from the female fans out here. have you ever noticed that? >> little bit. i mean, it's, no, there could be worse problems, i guess. >> hopefully one day they'll cheer for me. i love you, swaggy. swaggy, swaggy, swaggy. >> i'm not going to say he's a good-looking man or anything like that, but i guess these women out here ve taste. >> the question is, is he single? >> see, i don't know. you have to find that ou >> just about two minute ago i was out on the field when practice finished up here and i asked ryan, i have to ask you, are you single? he said, ladies, i am single. he is looking for a girlfriend out there if you guys are looking for a boyfriend on this redskins team. as for chris baker, the bigger guy who was shaking that six pack he's also single. lots of single guys out here in richmond. come on down. guys, i'll send it back to you. >> you put the call out there.
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i think camp may be more crowded next week. >> day two of trni c diana, you get right to the good stuff. >> thanks, we'll see you at 6:00. for the latest news from camp, follow diana on twitter or head over to chris gordon checks oout the fan experience in richmond. today there is growing outrage surrounding the extension of rice. this all started back in february when rice allegedly knocked his then fiance now wife, unconscious. video shows him dragging her body out of an elevator back in an atlantic city casino. today "new york times" had a title suspended for awus and then padded on the back. even former players are unhappy with the ruling. scott fugito who played 11 season in the nfl. the message to my wife and three
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daughters today, the business has been such a big part of our life really doesn't give an expletive about you. rice's former raven teammate derek mason, does the nfl value women? if ask you look at every domestic violence case the nfl has been very lenient when it comes to suspensions. for rice's current teammates, they are all standing by him. >> ray rice is a great guy. i have known him for six, seven years now and i know he knows that he made a mistake and he's going to work through it and, you know, all i can do is just support him and be his teammate. >> you knew something was going to happen. rightfully so. one thing and it is definitely tough. you know, people are going to try and i know how ray is as a person and i know they're working to improve on everything. >> rice is allowed to participate in training camp and pre-season games. he is not expected to appeal the suspension. >> veronica, a spectacular
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friday. if it could only stick for our weekend. >> perfect. you almost had to remind yourself today still summer. >> right. >> this weekend is going to get a little rocky, little unsettled because hang on we have times when we can see thunderstorms rolling into the area and there will be a time this weekend when i think we can see some severe storms roll through. let's talk about it as we go from that outside shot. there is your monument in the distance. yes, a perfect blue sky. hard to find even a cloud out there right now. temperature pretty reasonable. 85 degrees. down from the average of oour 88 andboy, the other thing that is down is the humidity. just at 35% right now and our wind out of the northeast at just five miles per hour. look at the radar scan. just how quiet it is across the area. but you know what, as early as tomorrow morning there could be a few light showers, isolated showers around our area. so, let me take you hour-by-hour. we start with the evening and it is going to be nice. no problems here. nothing to ruin your friday night out. 78 the temperature at 9:00.
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we're at 73 by 11:00 p.m. and it starts to get on the cool side for some and maybe a breeze around, but more clouds will start moving into the area and as those clouds push in, there's a chance of an isolated shower 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m. and beyond that until 9:00 a.m. here it is in cloud form over the next two days. mildest evening. watch what happens now past midnight. there's all the clouds that make their way on in and isolated showers and your green showing up at 7:00 a.m. and hard to tell where those are going to pop. again, isolated, nothing heavy and not lasting very long. but lasting maybe a little longer as we get into the afternoon, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning around the lunchtime hour right around i-95 a few showers. thundershowers start to make their way through our area and a chance for an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. there is warrington a chance around fredericksburg and that's out of here. we quiet down and then it gets
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busy again on sunday. sunday now maybe more cloud cover across the area, with showers not only in the morning, but those thunderstorms coming during the afternoon. after 3:00, 4:00 p.m. you need to keep a watchful eye on the sky, folks. if you see any lightning in the distance and see that come up, you need to get inside, seek shelter and stop what you're doing because you're too close to the storm system by then. 10:00, 11:00 p.m. look at the heavier rains coming through the area and stormy conditions up until about 3:00 a.m. monday morning. we could see some pretty nasty storms make their way right through our area. those storms could be bringing some high winds, as well as some hail. iose, tomorrow is going to be hot as we take a look at the next fo days on your storm forecast. hot for the weekend, plenty humid, too. enough fuel there for the storms on sunday. but, boy, big-time cooldown, again next week. and in just a couple minutes we'll see how long the next cool down will sti aun >> veronica, thanks. it's one of the best views
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in the city. find out why a popular rooftop will shut down this weekend. a gravely ill little boy has one wish and thousands of people responded from across the country. we'll tell you why he wanted so many special deliveries. president obama's motorcade shuts down traffic, but in this case, it came an at inconnie time for one pregnant woman. we'll explain why it's more than just really bad timing.
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the countdown to the opening of metro silver line continues. we're just hours away, folks from the trains hitting the tracks at noon tomorrow. some riders still wunt to know whether it's going to be a costly commute. whether it's going to cost them more money. our team coverage continues with melissa mollet with more on what we can expect. >> wondering how much your trip on the silver line might cost, well, since school's out we decided to do the math for you. take a look at this, we plugged in our starting stop point as the wiehle-reston station. it will take you 70 minutes to get to largo town center. that fare will run you $3.70 off peak and $3.90 during peak times. let's say you're traveling between tysons corner that trip will take you 36 minutes and have to transfer at metro center and that route will cost you
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$4.90 during peak hours. if you want to calculate your own route, so many options. look for the link on nbc washington by searching sve line. it's needed a facelift for years. >> now alexandria wants to know what you think about a plan to redevelop the landmark mall. the howard hughes corporation wants to take the center of the mall and transform it into a town center style. it would include 400 apartments and 300,000 square feet. the macy department stores would remain book ending the new developments. you can find the link to more on the plans and how to comment by visiting our website and searching landmark mall. it's a popular way to top off a night in d.c. drinks at the top of the w. hotel, but you'll have to put those plans on hold for a while. the rooftop terrace and lounge is closing starting this weekend. the w. hotel rooftop will reopen
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in september. both the indoor and outdoor spaces will have a new design. now at a:00, armed carjackers and a deadly escape. >> find out what they did that got two children killed and how they got away. a d.c. police officer accused of brutally beating his wife is held in jail tonight, even though the trial ended in a hung jury. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news 4, why the judge thought it
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>> certainly we're very pleased that judge wallace revoked the defendant's bond ithe. right now at 5:30, a d.c. police officer accused of trying to kill his wife in jail tonight for violating a protective order. samson lawrence attempted murder and assault trial ended with a hung trial last night. >> he told the judge he was contacting his wife before the trial to help her with ongoing health issues. the jumg didn't buy that and said lawrence was trying to influence his family before the trial. prince george's bureau chief talked to both sides and have more on this stor >> reporter: as it became apparent to this d.c. police officer that the judge was not going to let him go today, there was an exchange between the two that became a little heated and got a little ugly, but at the end of all of it, the judge said i did not find your testimony credible and i don't think it's a good idea for you to be back out on the streets since he apparently has a problem with paying attention to stay away orders. left the prince george's county
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courthouse without their son. he was handcuffed in court and sent to jail. >>erin wreerplse thud wallace revoked the defendant's bond in this case. >> reporter: the court ruled that lawrence violated two stay away orders when he continuously texted, called and visited his wife and daughter. >> mr. lawrence was told to stay away by the court. that was the condition of his bond. >> reporter: lawrence seen here in the vest yesterday was on $200,000 bond after he was accused of violently beating his wife of more than 20 years. according to the state an argument over installing a projection tv resulted in lawrence spraying his wife with lysol, pushed her, hit her with a lamp and choking her. after a three-day trial, there was a hung jury that could not decide if lawrence was guilty of attempted murder and assault charges. he was looking at the possibility of life behind bars. the case will now be retried. >> we're very confident going
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forward with the new trial. >> it's a waste of resources, i also think it's a case as the not going to get any bet. >> reporter: his defense attorney disagrees with the need for a retrial and says the jung was wrong to revoke his bond for contacting his wife. >> it's a miscarriage of justice. but that's what the judge felt. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we have reaction from a very good friend of officer lawrence and what does a hung jury mean as the state prepares to retry this case in just a few months. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. developing in philadelphia right now, carjackers trying to make a quick get away ran over and killed two children. wendy rieger at the live desk with details for us. wendy? >> the three children were all simblings and they just happen to be standing at a fruit stand. police say two men with guns carjacked a woman who was driving an suv. they threw a woman into the back seat and took off and that's
5:33 pm
when they appeared to lose control of that vehicle and plowed into that nearby fruit stand, killing a 10-year-old boy, his 7-year-old brother and 15-year-old sister died later at thhospital. and the carjacking suspects got away. police are offering a $40,000 reward for their capture. back to you. >> wendy, thank you. prince george's county residents forced out of their homes after a collapse. they are still working out a settlement with the county. that damaged a road in port washington and rendered six homes unblivable and impacted more than a dozen other houses. residents had their fst closed door meeting with the county executive last night. the county has offered to pay $11 million in damages and home property buyouts. but that's not enough money to cover everything. we're used to having motorcades stop traffic here in our area, but down in los angeles, the president's visit apparently kept a pregnant woman in labor from crossing the
5:34 pm
street to the hospital. a reporter from our sister station captured it on his cell phone. he says the woman took shelter at a bus bench as she waited for the president's motorcade to pass so she could cross the street to get to the hospital. police say an ambulance was called as a precaution, but the woman declined it wanting, instead, to wait for her husband. >> it's all good. she didn't look like she broke her water or anything. so, you know, what happens when the president comes out. >> president obama has been in l.a. for two separate fund-raisers and a speak at a technical college. so far the white house hasn't commented on the motorcade incident. change is happening across washington and one of the best examples is the nationals who have brought their own style to a once neglected part of the city. as news 4 tom sherwood reports whether it's basketball, hockey or football washington pro-sports team are helping to provide an economic boom for the
5:35 pm
community. >> whose broad stripes and bright starps. >> reporter: opening day last spring. the u.s. navy sea chanters singing the "national anthem." now in their seventh season at national park, the team is in again in the hunt for post-season playoffs and a shot at the world series. but baseball already is a winner. it's helping redevelop the southeast/southwest water front where the city is considering adding a new soccer stadium deal for d.c. united. >> helping to give more sizzle to burgening areas of the city and we think the soccer stadium has the same capability to bring that kind of buzz. >> reporter: win or lose, the nation's capital is flush with financially winning teams. the capitals and wizards that helped revive the downtown area at the verizon center. and many city leaders even would like to lure the washington
5:36 pm
redskins, maybe with a name change back to the city. sports are big business. >> but if we were not making big moves like this as a city, we're going to stagnate. >> reporter: the verizon center neighborhood isn't stagnating. $200 million in sales and property taxes collected every year. clyde's restaurant on seventh street is one of the busiest eateries in the country. the "washington business journal" reports sales increas o20% on a wizards night and 40% for a hockey game. an average game night for the wizards generates $64,000 in sales taxes on just tickets alone. not counting food and merchandise. at a recent d.c. chamber of commerce forum, the baseball team scored as a city and regional success. >> if you look at our game attendies, we draw a very high percentage. in fact, the majority of our attendees from the area. >> reporter: deal with placement
5:37 pm
near nats' park but still in limbo that could decide the issue this fall. but business leaders insist it fits the city's long-term interests. >> good economic development transcends political administrations d eyho have a life of their own that stretch out beyond one or two mayoral administrations and this is a chance to make a big move and change a whole sectioof our city. >> reporter: tom sherwood. to sprawling suburbs. news 4 is working to find out what sparked this surge in growth. we invite you to join tom tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. a news 4 special report. a convicted killer is released. why the mother of the victim says it's not the first time and what she wants other parentso know. plus if you ever wondered when is the best time to shop for groceries, we have the answer and why it could help save
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it's a great time to get your hands on manager markdowns at the super market. food nearing its sell-by date is typically reduced mid-week. grocery stores also release new circular on wednesday so they usually honor last week's deals,
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as well. weather may day one a bit of a bust but today fans packed redskins park down in richmond and for many a family affair. chris gordon talked to fans about the annual tradition. >> good evening, last night at this time there was thunder and lightning here in richmond, but now the sun is shining and a great evening to watch football. the sidelines are packwood fans watching the team practice here at trainincam for this large family, it's a chance to bond. >> we're from charles county, mtd immediate. here with my husband, my two children, my brother, brother-in-law, sister-in laws. >> anybody left at home? >> no, all of us are here. 20 of us here. everybody is here to see the redskins. we do it every year. big family trip. >> reporter: there are a lot of future fans here at training camp, but some of the kids can get distracted on theidelines while their folks try to watch the practice. is this fun or is this babysitting?
5:42 pm
>> it's fun. it's a little bit of both. give the wife a break at home and have the kids have some fun in the air. >> reporter: then there are the fans that analyze every play keeping a watchful eye on their quarterback. >> here to see the new coaching staff and see how deep they're looking. >> they're running great routes and timing is just there even though they just started training camp. look like they put time in e off sean. >> that's what we're waiting on. did you see that one? that is the one we're talking about. timing is there. touchdown. gamer. >> reporter: redskins coach jay gruden got a visit from his brother tv analyst john grudon who was asked about the pressure on the new coach. >> i think he handles that a lot better than me. i didn't handle adversity very well sometimes. >> reporter: he says it's much too early to tell how good the
5:43 pm
r redskins wilbe so far he likes what he sees. reporting from richmond. drone drama at a national landmark. find out who was behind the scare at seattle spaceneedle. the overdoses on heroin are still on the rise. find out why the attempt to stop the trend is failing in maryland.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
developing tonight. a major break in a local teenager's unsolved murder. 14-year-old erica smith was found murdered in ashburn 12 years ago. loudoun county investigators linked a suspect to her killing but just revealed he committed suicide. jackie benson is live with
5:46 pm
details. jackie? >> doreven, it's important to remember this long that she was a very reemarkable young woman, girl from a loving family here in loudoun county. although investigators won't name the person believed responsible for her death and that person has since committed suicide, he is described by her family as someone who 12 years ago reached through the net of safety they had put around her. unbeknownst to them and began some type of friendship with their 14-year-old daughter, instructing her to keep it a secret. we spoke tee erica's father, william, who dignity and fierce love for his child convinced mike chapman to reopen th case. >> you have to persevere yourself. you have to push it to their minds that you're not going to give up. that you're not going to let your child's life just go away.
5:47 pm
if you don't do this, if you don't do this, in a lot of cases they won't persevere. >> william smith says that it is very important for him to express his gratitude to the many investigators who took part in this case and brought not closure, you can never bring back the loss of a 14-year-old to a family, but a feeling as her mother and father said, a feeling that there is and has been some type of justice for erica. live in loudoun county, jackie benson. heroin is taking lives across maryland at an alarming rate. it's now being called an epidemic. governor martin o'malley says reducing the number of deaths is a top priority. news 4 darcy spencer is here the studio with more on what he plans to do about it. darcy? >> jim, the governor admits the numbers show the problem is
5:48 pm
getting worse. more people are injecting themselves with heroin and dying in record numbers. and one local advocate says the governor isn't doing enoug more people are now dying from drug overdoses in maryland than in car crashes and the numbers are on the rise. in just the first quarter of this year, there were 252 overdose deaths. that's a 33% increase from the same quarter last year. 148 were from heroin. ginger rosella lost her son, jay, from a heroin overdose last year. >> none of us will ever be the same. living with an addict is hard. it is. but, you know, at least they're still here because, you know, once they're in the ground, gone. >> reporter: 464 people died from heroin overdoses last year. that's an 88% increase from a few years ago. governor martin o'malley says his plan to reduce the number of deaths, obviously, isn't
5:49 pm
working. he says the state is refocusing its efforts to reverse this spike. o'malley has established an overdose prevention council. he says police troopers are being trained and equipped to use the overdose drug naloxone. public awareness campaign and residents can call 211 about treatment resources in the state. >> our response is, well, of course. >> reporter: lisa lowe is the founder of the heroin action committee and her son is an addict. she says she's not surprised by ithe uptick in deaths because no one is talking about the real answer to the problem. >> well, of course, there is going to be an increase in this. there's going to be, it's going to keep increasing until somebody wants to fund the solution, which is treatment. >> o'malley says he wants to reduce overdose death by 20% by 2015. now, there is a drug that is mixed with heroin that is being
5:50 pm
blamed for this spike. you're going to hear from the mother of a young man who died after injecting that drug coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> very troubling problem. thank you, darcy. let's go back to veronica johnson and get an update on our weather we like today so much. we want to hear more about, i guess we have to make the most of it tonight, huh? >> that's true. one super day this week, but, you knowxwo what, a couple more coming our way. first, though, we have to get through a little bit more summertime type nasty weather, in fact. i've been taking a look at the numbers here and what we're expecting tomorrow. tomorrow we do start out in the mid-60s to 70s and by afternoon it's going to be hot across the area. early tomorrow, a few isolated showers will be around the area after about 8:00, 9:00 a.m., though, we'll see more sunshine coming to us and the breaks in the cloud cover will allow us to have a few afternoon thunderstorms. here it is county-by-county around the d.c. metro area. 91 d.c. and 81 the high in
5:51 pm
gaithersburg and that, of course, after a low humidity today and delightful conditions in the low 80s. a few isolated showers first and then we could have a few thundershowers by afternoon. and any time after around 3:00, 4:00. 88 in leesburg and 91 in orange. it's going to be hot down here. qu quanico and fredericksburg heating up. all getting into the low 90s tomorrow. in fact, this whole weekend will feel plenty hot. a little bit of humidity for saturday, a lot more coming your way for sunday. so, let me show you in detail saturday, sunday what we're going to get on those storms. as we hit that high of 91 degrees during the afternoon, well, 83 by 11:00 a.m. and 87 by 7:00 p.m. in the 80s by late morning and even early part of the eveng. isolated showers any time during the afternoon hours and 3:00, 4:00, we get those storms. as far as the storms that we get on sunday, those will be
5:52 pm
stronger, more intense and more widespread across the area. here's the way it's looking right now. a main threat for the storms on sunday could see damaging winds and could see some hail and, in fact, get heavy rain out of this and usually our tornado threat is somewhere way down here. i brought it up just close to the low to medium area for sunday. we could be looking at some damaging gusts coming through with this system. right now for sunday afternoon, there it is. slicing through western maryland, areas around culpepper county and then overspreads our area throughout the late afternoon and eveningou everyone is in the potential for severe weather. we flip it around again next week. breezy conditions on monday and look at how good it is all next week. 81, 86 degrees and maybe a passing shower or thunderstorm on monday and a quiet week with low humidity and those lower temperatures coming our way next week. still have sticky stuff here for the weekend. >> veronica, thanks.
5:53 pm
david catania is calling on a candidate to return $20,000 in what they call tainted political contributions. he told the radio the money comes from a businessman who was dismissed by the city for missing money and mismanagement at the park's southern apartments in southeast d.c. the subsidized complex is home to 700 low-income tenants. the dismissed manager jones is a major supporter of bouser. head of the council housing committee. last week she called for an inspector general investigation of park. >> she claims that she has interceded because she's concerned about state stability and preserving affordable housing. i think the facts show something quite different. i think she intervened to help grease the wheels for a sale of that building to two of her most important supporters. >> her campaign did not respond
5:54 pm
today to requests for comment. a mother's crusade after the murder of her daughter. the convicted killer is relea d released. 'lllou what she plans to do next. all new tonight at 6:00, they're supposed to care for our veterans after they come home but the news 4 i team is uncovering new information aand how many veterans may have died waiting for ca.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
busted. police arrest an amazon worker for flying one of the company's new drones near the seattle space needle. we'll have that story coming up in just a bit. apparently we have the wrong video with that story. witnesses say they saw the drone buzz around the national landmark yesterday and then into a fifth story hotel room. the man told officers that he simply wanted to test the new drone out. imagine the man convicted in your child's death is, once again, a free man. that's what the mother of a southern california college student has been dreading for years, but now it's happened. elita lopez spoke with her about what she plans to do. >> not again. >> reporter: she reacts to another letter from the california department of corrections letting her know that the man who killed her daughter was going free, again. >> every time he is in and out,
5:58 pm
you know, means the system is not working. >> reporter: in 2007 john steven burgess answered an add for math tutoring. she remembers what donna told her that day. >> she said, i love you, bye. >> reporter: donna disappeared. two years later burgess pled guilty claiming he and joe were partying and she overdosed on drugs and he panicked and dumped her body in the ocean. >> he got away with the murder. >> reporter: he placed an add for a roommate, that already a violation of his parole. >> i'm afraid and i'm sure he's going to do it, again. >> reporter: back then two women identified him and called police. drugs and ammunition were found at his home and returned to prison until now. >> when i find out, i'm going to have fliers, you know, made and spread it in the neighborhood that he's there.
5:59 pm
go to bed and the first thing i wake up to. >> reporter: donna's body never found, she holds out this hope. >> i don't think it's ignorant or denial or anything like that, but my heart tells me she is still alive somewhere. >> now, burgess has 48 hours to report to a probation officer hub where he will be equipped with a gps tracker and have to give his exact address since he has been a registered s offend. right now at 6:00, terrifying moments on a flight that was turned around over west virginia. what sent fighter jets scrali. surviving the storm. the return to a virginia camp ground battered by a deadly tornado. two of the survivors share their story.
6:00 pm
and on alert, the search for the person who keeps trying to attack people along a popular trail. first at 6:00, a new plan to move central american children from the shadows to safety. they are still coming here by the thousands, many of them are traveling without their parents. and some are even younger than 12 years of age. tonight, president obama wants to try a new way to keep those children from making this dg erous journey to a nation that may not be willing to accept them, but his plan is controversial. news 4 steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with the latest. steve? >> it is controversial here on the hill, but some democrats and some republicans. president obama says holding hearings in honduras, u.s. hearings that he would then expand to include hearings in el salvador and guatemala would convince more parents there not to send their kids here that they're still doing now i droves. texas cops patrolling the border this week. on the mexican side of the


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